Hewitt Drew-It! PHYSICS Screencasts

Hewitt-Drew-it! PHYSICS 58. Liquid Pressure
Liquid pressure depends on the density and the height, not the volume.

Hewitt-Drew-it! PHYSICS 59. Buoyancy
Why is buoyancy an upward force? Why not sideways, or in some other direction?

Hewitt-Drew-it! PHYSICS 60. Archimedes
Archimedes' principle has a fascinating application, the famous Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.

Hewitt-Drew-it! PHYSICS 61. Buoyancy on a Submarine
How is the buoyancy of a submarine affected when it is submerged?

Hewitt-Drew it! PHYSICS 62. More on Buoyancy
How density affects sinking, floating, and remaining in equilibrium doing neither.

Hewitt-Drew-it! PHYSICS 63. Buoyancy Problems
Problem solving with buoyancy is investigated.

Hewitt-Drew-it! PHYSICS 64. Pascal's Principle
Piston arrangements and examples of multiplying forces.