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1 Magnetic Fields
Descriptions and equations for magnetic field strength near a current-carrying wire, loop, and solenoid. [I've allowed this one to lapse. No need for equations beyond that for a long, straight wire.]
2 Magnetic Force
Magnetic force on a current-carrying wire and the Lorentz force on a moving charged particle.
Mass Spectrometer
Electric and magnetic fields can used to sort out a spectrum of molecules. The process is quite clever.
How voltage is induced by using a magnetic field.
Electromagnetism Examples

Right Hand Rule [Lab Springboard] at Teachers Pay Teachers
Constructing the right hand rule from lab experience.
2 Directions [Job] at Teachers Pay Teachers
The geometric relationship between electric current, magnetic field, and magnetic force.
3 Motional EMF [Springboard] at Teachers Pay Teachers
When a wire is moved through a magnetic field, a voltage might be induced. How much? Just the right amount, if you know what I mean!
4 What is Magnetic Flux? [Springboard] at Teachers Pay Teachers
The concept of magnetic flux is useful when exploring induced electromotive force (voltage).
5 Faraday's Law [Springboard] at Teachers Pay Teachers
Getting from Blv to delta phi / delta t takes a bit of doing, so let's do.
Down the Tubes - Sketches - Presentation (zipped interactive QuickTime)
The classic "drop a magnet down a conducting tube" demonstration. Use this sheet and the accompanying preso to lead the class through a discussion on how it works.

Bobbing for Magnets
This is a grandaddy! Electromagnetic force, induced emf, and "magnetic pendula".
Genecon-Capacitor Conundrum
Crank the Genecon to charge the 1-farad capacitor. Then let the handle go for a big surprise!

Mechanical Universe: College - Magnetism [Teachers Pay Teachers]
Mechanical Universe: College - The Magnetic Field [Teachers Pay Teachers]
Mechanical Universe: High School - Electromagnetic Induction [Teachers Pay Teachers]
 4 Mechanical Universe: High School - Alternating Current [Teachers Pay Teachers]
 5 Fire in the Sky at Teachers Pay Teachers

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