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Newton's First Law
Development of Newton's first law, beginning with Galileo.
Newton's Second Law Examples
Definitions of quantities, description of equations, and worked-out example problems.
Newton's Second Law
Careful development of Newton's second law as an extension of Newton's first law.
Sources of Forces
Reminder that you need to be able to identify the objects that interact when a force occurs, without confusing the name of the object with the name of the force.

Newton's First Law Springboard - Answers - Presentation HD (Zipped QuickTime)
Classroom discussion guide develops the historical context of the first law. Begins with Aristotle, works through Galileo, ends with Newton. Also cites pre-Galilean references to the first law.
Newton's Second Law Springboard - Answers - Presentation (Zipped QuickTime)
Classroom discussion guide for developing the concepts in the second law. Begins where the first law leaves off. Addresses units and provides simple practice problems.
A Day at the Races - Answers
Step-by-step development of Newton's second law culminating with a look at the heavy/light freefall question.
Weight of the Worlds - Answers
Take masses and weights to other worlds and determine what changes and by how much.
Feel the Forces Springboard - Answers
A classroom discussion and lab activity that introduces friction, tension, normal, weight, and drag through simple experiences.
Newton III Force Pairs - Answers
Identify the objects involved in several interactions.
Net Force Number Puzzles and Para-problems - Answers
Number puzzle fun with Newton II.

1 Inertia in Action
Activities designed to familiarize students with several aspects of inertia and Newton's first law. Instructions for building a little balloon-powered hovercraft with a compact disc.
Putting the Force Before the Cart - Follow-up Presentation HD (Interactive QuickTime)
Careful conceptual hands-on development of Newton's second law.
The Weight
A simple lab to determine the relationship between mass and weight.
The Weight High Tech - DataStudio File
The computer/sensor version of the activity described above.
Meet the Force Sensor Lab Prep
Introduction to the PASport force sensor.
Force Mirror - Newton's Third Law TechLab Springboard
Classroom discussion guide using Newton's first and second laws to develop Newton's third law. Does NOT end up with the awful and incorrect "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
The Clever Dumbbell - Presentation HD (Zipped QuickTime)
Classic inertia demonstration with leading questions and post-demo questions.
Cannonball - Presentation HD (Zipped QuickTime)
Questions to accompany the classic video clip of a ball dropped from the mast of a moving boat.
The Newtonian Shot
Fire two dartgun darts downward, one weighted and one unweighted. Which hits first and why?
Blow a marker pen through a tube. It can reach high speed. But it also serves as a mechanism for a rich discussion of Newton's first, second, and third law of motion.
Newton's Laws Begins With an M (QuickTime)
Part of the "Physics Begins with an M" series. This is a QuickTime export from Keynote that has been Zipped.
Mechancical Universe - Inertia
Question sets to accompany the high school adaptation of the Mechanical Universe video. Two forms to accommodate side-by-side student seating.
 3 Mechanical Universe - Newton's Laws
Question sets to accompany the high school adaptation of the Mechanical Universe video. Two forms to accommodate side-by-side student seating.
 4 Newton's Laws Crossword - Grid - Clues
Crossword puzzles are highly personalized and may not always translate well from my classroom to yours.
Practice Test Questions and Answers
Sample test questions covering force and interaction.
 1 OLD: Putting the Force Before the Cart (Low-tech)

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