Rio Americano High School Physics
ExploratoRio Scrapbook

ExploratoRio is Rio Americano's miniature hand's-on science museum. Since 1994, students in Mr. Baird's physics classes have constructed and displayed exhibits from the Exploratorium's Science Snackbook for this annual event held in late April. Young scholars from nearby elementary schools come to enjoy the wonder of the demonstrations and learn the underlying principles from the enthusiastic exhibitors.

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Jenny and Libby
promote ExploratoRio. (94)

Mr. Baird Welcomes you to
ExploratoRio. (95)

The room gets a little crowded by the middle of the morning. (98)

Jake and Sarah welcome you to their "Bernoulli Levitator." (98)

Kevin's "Magic Wand" demo.
This photo came out great! (94)

This little guy gets a charge out of
Nicole and Kevin's
"Motor Effect" demo. (97)

Rehan proudly displays his working "Modulated Laser" exhibit. (98)

Toni-Anne, Kelly, and Venessa
demonstrate the wonders of
electricity and magnetism. (97)

Juli and Mehrnaz draw a crowd at
"Cardboard Tube Syllabus." (97)

Steven's "Soap Film Painting"
was a real blowout. (97)

Hayden offers an enthusiastic
explanation of "Bubble Suspension"
while Joy monitors the crowd. (97)

Everyone wants their turn a Catie's "Black and White TV Magnetism." (98)

Leela and Megan mystify a curious student at "Anti-Gravity Bowling." (98)

Szandra and Candice pose in front of their "Resonant Pendulums." (96)

Ian blows away an eager participant in the Bronx Cheer Bulb. (98)

Jill basks in the warm glow of her "Polarized Light Mosiac." (96)

Even the ball smiles when this little guy levitates it. (98)

Amisha demonstrates the subtleties of "Magnetic Pendulums." (95)

Hilary eagerly awaits the next investigator at "Electric Fleas." (97)

Leslie and Maryam "Look into Infinity." (95)

Rebecca stands back as students huddle around "Bubble Suspension." (98)

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