Rio Americano High School Physics
Some HyperCard Stacks

These stacks were written with HyperCard 2.1. You will need HyperCard 2.1 (or higher) or a HyperCard Player to use them. Click on the title and let your ftp utility take it from there.

CannonFire: The Projectile Game. (100k)
Many, many variations of the classic projectile game. It's a "big" download due to nifty graphics and sound. Highly configurable. Hours of fun!
Kin-O-Matic. (4k)
An algebraic kinematics problem solver. Enter three variables and Kin-O-Matic will solve the other two for you.
Pythagorean Triangles. (4k)
Let's see... there's 3-4-5, 6-8-10, 5-12-13, and... I forgot the rest, so I wrote this stack.
How Will it Fall? (12k)
An idea. A prototype. A model that could be developed for many other scenarios.

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