The Products of Phyz

The Lessons of Phyz at Teachers Pay Teachers
The Mechanical Universe 1
Motion and Forces
Earth Science 1
Science, Mapping, and Water
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
Carl Sagan - 1980 - PBS
Breakthrough - Episode 1 [NEW]
The Telescope
The Mechanical Universe 2
Earth Science 2
Atmosphere and Weather

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Neil deGrasse Tyson - 2014 - Fox
Breakthrough - Episode 2 [NEW]
The Airplane

The Mechanical Universe 3
Earth Science 3
Climate Change and Human Impact
Our Planet [NEW]
David Attenborough - 2019 - Netflix
Breakthrough - Episode 3 [NEW]
The Robot

The Mechanical Universe 4
Temperature, Vibrations, and Waves
Earth Science 4
Tectonics, Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Breakthrough - BUNDLE [NEW]
Patrick Stewart - 2019 - PBS

Breakthrough - Episode 4 [NEW]
The Car
The Mechanical Universe 5

Earth Science 5
Astronomy in the Solar System

How the Earth Changed History
Iain Stewart - 2010 - BBC/NatGeo
Breakthrough - Episode 5 [NEW]
The Rocket
The Mechanical Universe 6
Circuits and Magnetism

Earth Science 6
Astronomy Beyond the Solar System

One Strange Rock [Coming Soon!]
Will Smith + Astronauts - 2018 - NatGeo

Breakthrough - Episode 6 [NEW]
The Smartphone
The Mechanical Universe 7
Light and The Atom

Electricity & Magnetism
YouTube Physics BUNDLE
Skepticism BUNDLE
Merchants of Doubt
Modern Physics

YouTube + PhET Physics
Dodge Nitro Jump
YouTube Skepticism
Baloney Detection Kit

Before the Flood

YouTube Physics
YouTube Skepticism
The First Moon Office
Secrets of the Psychics

Wimp Physics
Rolling in a Reliant Robin
YouTube Skepticism
Power Balance
Longitude: Lost at Sea

YouTube + PhET Physics
Tavurvur Erupts!
YouTube Skepticism
Magnet Boys
Total Eclipse [FREE]
YouTube Physics
Victoria Falls Bungee Jump
YouTube Physics+ IIHS
Car Crash Safety

YouTube Skepticism
Cellphone Popcorn
For All Mankind [FREE] [NEW]
YouTube Physics
Backyard Water Slide
YouTube Physics
Chromatotphores and Trichromats

YouTube Physics
Polarized + Blue

Arbor Scientific
Laser Viewing Tank
Conceptual Physics Alive! Video Questions
Complete DVD + Binder

Conceptual Physics Alive! Video Questions
DVD Only

Pearson Education Laboratory Manuals for Textbooks by Hewitt, Suchocki, Lyons, Hewitt, Yeh
Conceptual Physics 12/e
Conceptual Physical Science 6/e
Conceptual Integrated Science

Conceptual Physical Science Explorations
Conceptual Integrated Science Explorations

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