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Magnetic Filings - Presentation (QuickTime)
A hodgepodge of tidbits/factoids that introduce several aspects of magnetism.

LABS - The unlinked titles below are available in the Conceptual Physics lab manual from Pearson Education - Amazon link
Magnetism Webquest: People, Places, and Things
This is a "research lab." Students are allowed access to physics textbooks, the "Files on Magnetism" PhyzGuide, and the world wide web as they complete their responses to the knowledge-level prompts. The "funny numbering" given to the prompts allows for different lab groups to take responsibility for various questions, then share their findings with other groups. In the end, all groups have all the information.
Seeing Magnetic Fields [Virtual Lab] at TPT
See a magnetic field in 2-D with a projectual and in 3-D with a magnetic field tank.
Oersted's Discovery [Virtual Lab] at TPT
The connection between electricity and magnetism is investigated and applied.
Electric Magnetism [Virtual Lab] at TPT
An investigation of the magnetic fields surrounding electric currents.
Magnetic Electricity [Virtual Lab] at TPT
The connection between magnetism and electricity is investigated and applied.
Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
PhET sim-based lab that explores magnetic fields, electromagnetism, induction, and applications. Very robust!


Electromagnetism Begins With an M - Presentation (QuickTime)
Part of the "Physics Begins with an M" series. Make a transperency and put it on the overhead on the first day of the unit to enhance curiousity in the material of the unit.
Electromagnetism Begins With an M Keynote
A nifty Keynote presentation of the M's. (Keynote is Apple's presentation software; PowerPoint is Microsoft's presentation software.) Trust me, neither Keynote nor PowerPoint are The Great Saviors of education. I recommend using them sparingly if at all. Better to teach!
Magnet Boys [YouTube Skepticism] at TPT
4 Mechanical Universe (College) - Magnetism at TPT
Mechanical Universe (College) - The Magnetic Field at TPT
Mechanical Universe: High School Adaptation - Magnetic Fields at TPT
Mechanical Universe: High School Adaptation - Induction at TPT
This episode covers Michael Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction. Alternate forms accommodate students seated side-by-side.
Mechanical Universe (College) - Electromagnetic Induction at TPT
PBS NOVA: Magnetic Storm at TPT
Conceptual Physics Alive! Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction at TPT
Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity - Episode 2. The Age of Invention at TPT
Electromagnetism Crossword Puzzle at TPT
Not a typical academic subject matter crossword. This one adds general high school vocabulary words. Over 100 words and 150 crosses in total.
NEW: PracTest Complete
NOTE: old questions 10 and 11 were deleted; a new question 10 was added.

OLD: Practice Test Questions - Answers

Sample test questions covering magnetism and induction.

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