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1 Waves Optics Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, and worked out example problems.
2 Scattering
A descriptioon of scattering and a thorough explanation of why the sky is blue.
3 Polarization
How unpolarized light can become polarized. Applications of polarization are discussed.
4 Diffraction
How waves can bend around barriers.
Geometry Review - Answers
The description of interference patterns involves right triangles and the use of some trigonometry. Here's a bit of directed review.
Line Density Math - Answers
How far apart are the lines of a diffraction grating if the line density is given as 440 lines per millimeter? Not a trivial or intuitive problem. This sheet walks students through the process.
Interference in 1D Springboard - Answers - Presentation (Zipped QuickTime)
Interference in 2D Springboard - Answers - Presentation (Zipped QuickTime)

Interference Pattern Math Springboard at TPT
Class discussion to develop the interference equation.
Diffraction Tank Lab Springboard
Single Slit Diffraction Lab Springboard
Investigation of single slit diffraction patterns using PASCO's Basic Optics apparatus.
Iridescence Springboard - Presentation (Zipped QuickTime)
Classroom discussion of the coloration of oil splotches, soap bubbles, sea shells, and other phenomena.
Why the Sky is Blue [Springboard] at TPT
Classroom discussion, demonstration, and activity for teaching why the sky is blue.


The Fringe of Optics [PhET Lab] at TPT

1 How Groovy is Your CD?
Determine the groove spacing on a compact disc using a laser and a meterstick. Includes other quantitative analysis activities.

1 Vertical Bulbs
Demonstration of mechanical polarization using a phone cord and an arrangement of support rods.

Wave Optics Begins With an M
Part of the "Physics Begins with an M" series. Make a transperency and put it on the overhead on the first day of the unit to enhance curiousity in the material of the unit.
Wave Optics Begins With an M Keynote - Presentation (QuickTime)
A nifty Keynote presentation of the M's. (Keynote is Apple's presentation software; PowerPoint is Microsoft's presentation software.) Trust me, neither Keynote nor PowerPoint are The Great Saviors of education. I recommend using them sparingly if at all. Better to teach!

Conceptual Physics Alive! Light Waves at TPT
 3 Mechanical Universe: High School Adaptaption - The Wave Nature of Light at TPT
This episode covers the electromagnetic spectrum, reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, and scattering. Alternate forms accommodate students seated side-by-side.
Mechanical Universe (College) - Optics at TPT
This episode covers the electromagnetic spectrum, reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, and scattering.

YouTube Physics - Polarized Light (ft. Physics Girl) at TPT

YouTube Physics: Magnificent Blue (Structural color) at TPT
5 NEW: PracTest Complete

OLD: Practice Test Questions - Answers

Sample test questions covering magnetism and induction.



Interference Equation - Answers

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