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1 Momentum Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, and worked out example problems.
2 Newton's Second Law and Momentum
Reveals Newton's second law of motion as given on the Principia and defines momentum.
3 Conservation of Momentum
Describes how momentum is conserved in explosions, inelastic collisions, and elastic collisions.
Conservation of Momentum Examples
Worked out, numerical examples of conservation of momentum number puzzles.

1 Introduction to Momentum Springboard - Presentation HD (QuickTime) - Answers
Classroom discussion guide to introduce the concept of momentum as "how difficult it is to stop" a body.
2 Take a Flying Leap Springboard - Presentation (QuickTime) - Answers
Why do we flex our legs when landing from a jump? An introduction to impulse.
3 Conservation of Momentum Number Puzzles Part I: Momentum - Presentation HD (QuickTime) - Answers
Simple, basic, fundamental, gentle lead-in to the wonderful world of momentum conservation.
4 Conservation of Momentum Number Puzzles Part II: Speed - Answers
Repeat of the scenarios presented in part 1, this time trying to solve for a missing velocity.
Conservation of Momentum Number Puzzles Part III: More Puzzles - Answers
You can never have too much practice solving conservation of momentum number puzzles.


Data Studious
Getting acquainted with Pasco's Data Studio with the intent to use it for a conservation of momentum lab.
2 Crash and Stick
Conservation of momentum in inelastic collisions.
3 Such Sweet Sorrow
Conservation of momentum in explosions.

DEMO - The unlinked titles below are available in the Conceptual Physics lab manual from Pearson Education - Amazon link

Things That Go Bump - Presentation HD (QuickTime)
The old demo showing the difference in force between an elastic and inelastic collision using a switchable point swinging dart.
Momentum Begins With an M (QuickTime)
Part of the "Physics Begins with an M" series. This is a QuickTime export from Keynote that has been Zipped.
Egg Toss Competition - VideoClips
The details and mechanics of a one-period egg toss competition.
Kinetic Karnival: Forces and Collisions - FULL KINETIC KARNIVAL VIDEO ONLINE HERE!
Jearl Walker breaks bricks with his bare hands and volunteers to be the meat for a nail board sandwich. Alternate forms accommodate students seated side-by-side.
Mechanical Universe: Conservation of Momentum [Teachers Pay Teachers question sets]
This episode develops the ideas associated with conservation of momentum in one and two dimensions. What better backdrop than Chalky's Billiard Academy? Alternate forms accommodate students seated side-by-side.
Momentum Crossword - Grid - Clues
Crossword puzzles are highly personalized and may not always translate well from my classroom to yours.
Practice Test Questions - Answers
Sample test questions covering momentum.

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The Book of Phyz Dean Baird. All rights reserved.