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1 FaSTudy: Fluids
A quick reference of quantities, equations, and relevant information from the text.

1 Pressure Springboard - Answers
A classroom discussion to introduce the concept of pressure as distinct fom weight. Variation of pressure with depth is discussed. Absolute pressure and guage pressure are illustrated
Liquid Pressure - Answers
A cognitive inquiry/reinforcement sequence to galvanize student understanding of the variables that determine the pressure in a fluid.
Buoyancy Basics Springboard - Answers
Buoyant force is tied to fluid displacement. Floating is introduced.
Buoyancy Overflow - Answers
Cognitive inquiry/reinforcement sequence involving to the relationship between buoyancy and the weight of a displaced fluid.
Eureka, I Have Found It! Springboard - Answers
Determination of object density by way of fluid displacement and buoyant force.
Rolling on a River (Floating) - Answers
An exercise in buoyant force and fluid displacement.
Continuity Springboard - Answers
Development of the principle of continuity in a fliud flow.
Fun With the Eye Wash Springboard - Answers
Classroom discussion / lab activity requiring knowledge of fluid flow and kinematics!
Bernoulli Springboard - Answers
Classroom discussion for the slow, step by step development of the Bernoulli equaltion.
Torricelli Springboard - Answers
Leaky bucket exercise.

Pool Cubes: Density
Using PhET's "Density" sim to investigate the basics of flotation.
Pool Cubes: Buoyancy
Using PhET's "Buoyancy" sim to investigate more advanced concepts in flotation.

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