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FaStudy: Thermodynamics
The quick-n-dirty essentials of thermodynamics. Coming soon...ish.






Molecular Speed Distribution Springboard - Answers
A classroom discussion activity to clarify the concept of molecular speed distribution as is applies to the kinetic theory of heat.


Kinetic Theory
Just some exercises to help distinguish between high average kinetic energy and high average speed.


The First Law of Thermodynamics Springboard - Answers
Introduction to the relationship between the change in internal energy of a gas, heat added to the gas, and work done ON the gas. Conforms to the "chemists" first law: it's all about what happens to the gas. Yucko!


PV Processes Springboard - Answers
Get your isobars, isochors, isotherms, and adiabats here (and find out what they are).


PV Cycles Springboard - Answers
The nitty gritty play-by-play of what an engine does and how it does it.


WeatherSchool: Specific Heat and Climate; Convection and Wind at the Beach - Answers
Why do coastal cities in the West enjoy nicer weather than coastal cities in the East? Why does the wind at the beach change direction when the sun goes down?



The Mechanical Universe (College): The Engine of Nature at TPT


The Mechanical Universe (College): Entropy at TPT
College edition (30 min) episode that dives deep into entropy and related topics. WARNING: Some content is intended for "mature audiences" only (alcohol consumption).


Order and Disorder: The Forces that Drive the Universe at TPT

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