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PHY.07 CURRENT & CIRCUITS (Excuse the dust while remodeling)

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1 Current+Circuits Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, worked out example problems.
Batteries and Current
Gives a brief history and explanation of the battery and a definition of current.
Circuit Basics
Pretty standard discussion of what happens in a simple electric circuit.
The Slider Circuit
Describes an analogy between electric circuits and playground slides.

Lemon Battery Lab Springboard
Students are given a lemon wedge and two galvanized nails. They must construct a 0.5V or better battery.
Analog Measurement Technique 2 - Answers - Presentation (QuickTime)
Measurement involving a digit of estimation on the arcing scale of a voltmeter or ammeter.
Current and Voltage Springboard - Answers - Presentation (QuickTime)
Mechanical analogies for developing the meanings of current and voltage.
Understanding the Slide
Uses the analogy comparing simple circuits to playground slides to conceptually develop Ohm's Law.
Bun-Burning Power - Answers
Uses the analogy comparing simple circuits to playground slides to conceptually develop Joule's Law.
Simple Circuit Wrap-Up - Answers - Presentation (QuickTime)
Review of the principles and ratios concerning the simple circuit.

LABS - The unlinked titles below are available in the Conceptual Physics lab manual from Pearson Education - Amazon link
Ohm, Ohm on the Range
Hands-on development of Ohm's Law. Introduces ammeters, voltmeters, and power supplies.
 2 Batteries and Bulbs
Given a battery, bulb, and wire, construct a working circuit. And other conceptual adventures in simple circuitry.
An Open and Short Case
Determine the difference between an open circuit and a short circuit.
Be the Battery!
Using the Genecon to power a circuit, feel what it's like to power a short circuit, an open circuit, and a normal circuit. One of those will wear you down fast.

  Brainiacs: Electric Fence - Presentation (QuickTime—BIG FILE!)
A nicely produced segment from the British series, Brainiac: Science Abuse. I chopped it up to allow for inquiry, debate, and discussion. Highly recommended!


Mechanical Universe: Simple DC Circuits [Teachers Pay Teachers]
This episode covers current electricity, Ohm's law, and even Kirchoff's laws. Alternate forms accommodate students seated side-by-side.

Circuits Crossword Puzzle Grid - Clues
Crossword puzzles are highly personalized and may not always translate well from my classroom to yours.

PracTest and Answers

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