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1 Simple Harmonic Motion Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, and worked out example problems.
2 Hooke's Law
Hooke's Law seems simple. Why is it so and what are the limits of its application?
3 Simple Harmonic Motion
What kinds of bodies undergo SHM? What are the characteristics of SHM?
4 Superposition and Interference
What happens when two waves get to the same place at the same time? The 1D case is studied.
5 Harmonics
Fundamentals, overtones, harmonics: it's all here in graphic detail.
 6 Advanced Waves Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, and worked out example problems.

1 Elastic Potential Energy Springboard at Teachers Pay Teachers
Classroom discussion exercise to determine the relationship between force constant, stretch, and elastic potential energy.
2 Toy Gun Number Puzzles at Teachers Pay Teachers
Homework exercises in elastic potential energy.
3 Mysteries of the Jiggler - Answers
Keep track of position, velocity, force, acceleration, momentum, and mechanical energy of a body in SHM.
4 Swing Shift - Answers
More of the Jiggler!
5 SHM—The Plots at Teachers Pay Teachers
Chart position, velocity, and energy for a body in SHM

1 Hooke's Law
A nice investigation of Hooke's law; not quite as cookie-cutter as textbook labs.
Spring to Another World at Teachers Pay Teachers
A PhET-fueled exploration of Hooke's law and ramifications on and off-world.
Kinematics in the Spring
Track the position of a simple harmonic oscillator and analyze the motion.
Spring Circuits
Springs in series and parallel: how do you determine the "equivalent spring constant"?
Fork It Over
Determine the speed of sound with a tuning fork, some water, and a pair of plastic tubes.

1 More Adventures with the Wave Machine
Dr. Shive's wave machine rides again, this time to investigate 1D refraction and standing waves.


What's the Frequency, Kenneth? - Answers
Determine the resonant frequency of a stretched cord.

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