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Algebraic Kinematics
The equations of uniform and uniform accelerated motion. Includes the oft-slighted x=vt-1/2at^2.

One-Dimensional Kinematics Examples (Lite)
Worked out example problems.

Advanced Kinematics Examples (Lite)
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, and worked out example problems.

An explanation of the independence of the horizontal and vertical motions of a horizontally launched projectile.
Projectile Example
A worked out projectile problem.
Solving One- and Two-Dimensional Algebraic Kinematics Problems (Cookbook)
A cookbook procedure for solving one- and two-dimensional algebraic kinematics.
The Monkey Gun
Describes the classic demonstration. See the "Banana Gun" demonstration below.
The Range Equation
Develops the range equation from the kinematics equations.

Algebraic Kinematics Primer
Spanning from easy "equation-choosing" exercises to a full-on problem in algebraic kinematics, this sequence of exercises emphasizes the algebraic problem-solving procedure.

Projectile Cannon
An exercise emphasizing the independence of horizontal uniform motion and vertical accelerated motion.
Projectile Problem - Answers
AP Free Response practice.


  Blast Off!  Available in the Conceptual Physics lab manual from Pearson Education - Amazon link

Speed Machines
A video demo using clips of motion graphing from Physics: Cinema Classics.

Blowout II: Challenge of the Crystal Conduit
As with with the original Blowout demonstration, we're blowing a marker pen through a long tube. This time, though, we're using an acrylic tube and placing three photogate timers at intervals along the length of the tube to get speed values while the pen is still inside the tube.
Mechanical Universe: The Law of Falling Bodies [Teachers Pay Teachers]

The Great Bullet Race Available in the Conceptual Physics lab manual from Pearson Education - Amazon link
HTML Presentation
One bullet is fired horizontally, a second is dropped simultaneously. Which hits first and why? Don't just do the demo and move on, spend some time on it and explore student thinking!
The Banana Gun
I know, we used to call this the "Monkey Gun" (I still do in the PhyzGuide above). I guess I'm just caving in to political correctness. Anyway, you know the drill on this one; use this sheet to elicit predictions and reasoning.

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