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1 Forces Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, and worked out example problems.
2 Meet the Forces
Introduction to normal, weight, tension, friction, and drag forces.
3 Friction
Detailed description of the causes and parameters that determine friction.
4 Anatomy of Drag
Detailed description of the causes and parameters that determine drag.
5 Terminal Speed for Poets
Application of drag to falling bodies and the development of the conditions of terminal speed.
6 Solving Free-Body Diagram Problems: A Recipe for Success
Step-by-step guide to solving classic problems in statics and dynamics.
Newton's Third Law EVA - Answers
Astronaut and space capsule interaction dynamics
Newton's Third Law Problems
Analytical problems
Day at the Drag Races Springboard at TPT
Step-by-step conceptual development of the equation for drag.
Sky Diver Physics
When is there more drag: before or after the parachute is opened?
FBD Basics Springboard
Free-body diagrams, from simple to complex.
Net Force Number Puzzles at TPT
Simple "net force" second law exercises.
 7 Operation Libra
Using vector math when the net force is zero.

1 Levi's Lab
Conceptual lab activity dealing with several aspects of tension.
2 Encountering Friction Experiment (Experiment: more open-ended than PhyzLabs.)
Development of the parameters that determine friction.
3 Tripull Play PhETLab at TPT
Like the classic force-table lab without a force table. Uses PhET's Vector Addition sim.

1 Elevator Man
Question sheet to accompany Physics: Cinema Classics segment on apparent weight in an elevator.

   A Real Drag
Determination of terminal speed and how it relates to the weight of an object.

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